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«Быть худым — не значит быть счастливым». Пикантные снимки этой американки наделали много шуму в Сети…

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В Сети сейчас можно найти огромное количество снимков из серии «до и после». Обычно, делая такой коллаж, автор хочет показать, сколько сил он потратил, чтобы похудеть или, например, набрать мышечную массу. Американка Эллисон Кимми также любит постить подобные снимки, но она преследует совершенно другую цель…

Let's talk postpartum depression… 1 in 7 women suffer from PPD. And over 50% of PPD sufferers go undetected. I was part of that statistic. And I didn't even know it. Just like perfect bodies, were fed an unattainable and unrealistic idea of motherhood. That it should be sweet from the get-go, that its glamorous and you should be over the moon that everyone is healthy, that your new purpose is getting your body back, and aside from that you run a household without a hitch. But more often than not, it doesn't look like that. Here's the real deal…for me. I couldn't breastfeed my first born and I had extremely high expectations that with all my new knowledge this wouldn't be an issue with my second born. I had extreme anxiety about keeping my daughter alive and a bit of post traumatic stress when it began all over again. My life revolved around weighing my daughter and breastfeeding my daughter. I put SO much pressure on myself to be strong, to have all the answers, to not break under the pressure, to MAKE IT WORK, that I had no joy left in me. Thank God my mother in law was there in the beginning to care for my son, because I can't imagine the neglect he would have faced had I been alone. I felt hopeless, broken, like they would be better without me, and it felt like there was no end in sight. I was so set in my ways that I was blind to my daughters weight loss and I kept pushing another day, another week. Of crying, constant crying, and sleepless nights, and resentment towards my spouse, and mood swings, and a lack of motivation to do anything else. In other words it was shitty. And I knew it didn't feel right. But no one ever talked about it. So I didn't know how to help myself. And so I didn't receive treatment. My postpartum depression carried through my daughters first 2.5 years of life and formed into extreme dieting and exercising, making rash decisions and major life changes, extreme body image issues to name a few. I'm making this post to shed a light on a topic we don't hear much about and to say that it's okay. And if you feel unhappy since giving birth, know that it's okay to ask for help. Stop comparing your motherhood journey, *con't…

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На снимках Эллисон зачастую справа на несколько размеров больше, чем слева. При этом женщина говорит, что она изменилась в лучшую сторону, но не из-за того, что поправилась, а из-за того, что смогла принять себя такой, какая она есть. «Быть худой — это не значит быть счастливой!» — говорит Эллисон.

I remember the evening vividly that I posted that photo in the purple strapless top. I said "For the first time ever, I feel like a MILF" That's what I said. I looked at my photos and I knew in my mind I looked great. I had lost all the baby weight and got my pre-baby body "back". And yet, I didn't FEEL confident. And you can literally see it in my eyes, my smile, my posture. I look like I'm holding back. And I was. I told everyone I felt like I was bangin. But inside I was still the hot mess express. I still determined my worth based on WHO ELSE thought I was attractive. I still based my success on the markers that society placed for me. And yet, even achieving those milestones, and standing there saying I was "fuckable" didn't make me feel any more LOVED. And I continued this path for a while, about another year. It was destructive. Painful. And really fucking HARD. On everyone. And I began to realize that I was not being the example I wanted for my children. The last thing I wanted was for them to need to be validated by others to know their worth and potential. I wanted them to know it and believe it with such conviction that NO ONE could tell them otherwise. But how could I teach that if every time someone gave me "advice" I was ready to change myself to fit in? Well the simple answer is — I couldn't. And so I started pushing myself to question why I cared if people liked me, or found me attractive, or wanted to be my friend. And I started focusing on the things that felt right, and good, and easy, and purposeful. And when things got scary, I got scary honest with myself. And I continued to grow into my true soul, little by little. I failed forward SO HARD. I STILL do! And if you want to make a change in any area of your life, you will too. You've spent your entire life believing the lies that society has embedded in you, it will take time…a lot of time, to unlearn that behavior and step into the women you've always been. She's waiting for you, babe….we all are. Just do you Xoxo Allie

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I take A LOT of pictures to normalize myself to my own body! It looks different at every degree of change. Every second my body has a different crease, the light hits a different dimple, an exhale shows me a glimpse of more squish. A lot of you said that the hardest part of your self love journey right now is the disconnect between what you think your body looks like and then seeing photos of your body and feeling saddened by what you see. A photo captures one single moment in time. It's normal to not see what we see when we look down or in the mirror when we look at a photo. And society has also taught us that it's normal to pick out our flaws as soon as we see ourselves. But babe, your body is such a beautiful, fluid part of nature. She shifts and changes with every step you take, literally and figuratively. I take lots of photos because it allows me to see a true representation of my body in many forms, angles, lights, etc. I know many of you avoid the camera, but for me it has been therapeutic to learn over time to find acceptance in each moment, and beauty in every inch. Can you commit to taking at least 5 photos of yourself this weekend in different angles/light/etc and studying your body with acceptance? Let me know in the comments! Just do you babes! Xoxo Allie

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Аккаунт женщины в Инстаграме посвящен бодипозитиву. Эллисон старается убедить своих подписчиков жить в гармонии со своим телом. Поэтому ее снимки до и после выглядят немного нестандартно.

I was talking today in a video for my private JDYC community about how confidence is a muscle…and that we have to feed it and work it out to strengthen and grow it! It's easy to look my 30th chapter and compare it to your chapter 1 and feel like you just don't "get it" but that's so far from the truth. The truth lies in the fact that confidence is developed over time. While failing forward at becoming the care free and empowered woman you desire to be. Just like a body builder wouldn't be transformed after one trip to the gym, your confidence won't get an overhaul by putting a crop top on one time. It takes constant practice…plenty of rest days…and loads of Confidence Muscle building "foods" like personal development, meditation and positive thinking! I look at my modeling career for instance, the left picture is from a shoot in April 2016, and the right photo is from this week (both with @societyplus ). A year of constantly pushing myself to feel more and more comfortable doing something that scares me, having plenty of shitty shoots along the way and feeling not good enough quite a few times…but now I feel like a natural in front of the camera (80% of the time ??) Can you think of something you've continued to pursue that you now feel SUPER confident about? Share it with us! Just do you babes! Xoxo Allie _______ White tutu, red midington skirt and plaid top available at @societyplus

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A few sizes bigger and a million times happier. This can be scary for people, that if they stop dieting and obsessing about their body and everything they hate about it that they will turn out like I did. And to that I say: I could only wish that for you. Because what you see here is so much MORE than a physical change. Weight gain and loss do not and NEVER WILL equal happiness. The transformation I made was on the INSIDE. Something that never clicked with any 30 day program or 3 week quick fix or diet fad. A complete mental shift, a soulful reset. And when I consistently made heart centered choices the pounds and inches didn't matter any more- I have learned they will come and go through the ebbs and flows of life — but finding true peace and passion within yourself…that is immeasurable and will provide a lifetime of joy. Just do you babes! Xoxo Allie __________ #bodypositive #selflove #glitterstripes #nothighgap #nowrongway #bopo #bodypos #bodyimage #bodyconfidence #embracethesquish #everybodyisbeautiful #effyourbeautystandards #transformationtuesday

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Кимми говорит: «Набор или потеря веса не должны приравниваться к счастью. Когда я начала доверять своему сердцу, килограммы перестали иметь значение!»

Будучи подростком, Эллисон очень сильно переживала по поводу своего внешнего вида. Как бы она ни старалась, что бы ни делала, собственный внешний вид не устраивал девушку. После свадьбы в 2008 году Кимми вновь набрала лишний вес, за что очень сильно ругала себя. Женщина считала, что не сможет жить полноценной жизнью, если не похудеет.

А потом в моей голове, как будто что-то перемкнуло. Я поняла, что моя личность страдала, ведь я постоянно думала о том, чтобы похудеть, а могла просто радоваться жизни!» — говорит Эллисон.

«Правда в том, что нужно прекратить зацикливаться на своем внешнем виде и начать жить в гармонии с собой. Пусть на фото справа я на несколько размеров больше, зато в миллион раз счастливее», — утверждает женщина!

?You can't skip Day 2? That quote kept hitting me right in my gut every time @brenebrown uttered it in her book Rising Strong. ?You can't skip Day 2? Day 2 is essentially the struggle. The fight between who you once were, those safe and comfortable stories we've told ourselves for years, the set in stone beliefs we created from false information…all of that coming to an end because you realize it's ALL A LIE. Basically the death of who you once were…but you still have no fucking clue who you really are yet. She described it so perfectly as going into a pitch black room where you are too far in to turn around and not yet far enough to see the light. Day 2 is scary- and in real life WAY MORE THAN A DAY. There's Day 2s in recovery. This is the part where we truly want to give up and go back to what's safe, but there's nothing to go back to anymore. You know that part in the new Taylor Swift song where she says "the old Taylor is dead" That. Right there. When we get curious it disrupts our comfort. Even if that comfort was our misery or living super small. It feels like the forbidden fruit, and that fruit is like a pomegranate that gets red juice everywhere and stains your clothes. But that pomegranate it so good. And after death comes rebirth. And in that dark, that's where the magic happens. And you begin to see what you're made of. And you FEEL. You feel hard. And you just take one more step. And then you see it. That little sliver of light. Like when your eyes finally adjust to the dark and you feel like cat woman bc you can see! You can make out shapes and a general direction. And that soft glow leads you. The soft glow of what it feels like to be free from your story. Free to write a new ending. Just do you babes. Now rather than later. And don't skip Day 2 Give me a ✌? if you're in the middle of it! Xoxo Allie _______ Swimsuit by @swimsuitsforall Book is Rising Strong by @brenebrown listen to it on @audible_com !

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Кстати, некоторое время назад Эллисон уже прославилась в Сети своим подходом к воспитанию детей. Дочь назвала ее жирной, но мать смогла объяснить ребенку, что жир есть у всех людей, и он выполняет важную функцию в организме. А количество жира не делает человека хуже или лучше.

I worry sometimes, that my focus on Cambelle in her body love journey could take away or neglect my son. I know that each child is different and we face a different set of challenges with him, but last night, in response to our before bed ritual of saying what we're thankful for, he said: Graham: "One of the kids my school was upset that he didn't have any friends." Me: "Oh, no. Poor guy." G: "I told him it doesn't matter what you do, or who you are, if you just trust your heart you'll be fine" And in that moment I realized that every lesson I teach in my household is leading them to be kind, compassionate and empathetic humans. And that's all I can ask for. Double tap if you loved his message as much as I did! ?? Just do you babes! Xoxo Allie

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огда многие поддержали женщину. Но были и те люди, которые утверждали, что избыток жира может указывать на проблемы со здоровьем, и Эллисон зря убедила детей не обращать на это внимания.

Эллисон однозначно нравится ее нынешняя жизнь, поэтому она вправе агитировать других принять ее философию. А вот дальше уже дело за людьми: они сами должны определиться, что для них важнее…

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